How Often Should You Replace Your Audio Cables?

How Often Should You Replace Your Audio Cables?

They say that the notes you don’t play are just as important as the notes you do. Now, how would it sound if your silent passages were filled with radio interference, humming, and other unwanted noise? What if all this noise was being caused by faulty or aging cables?

Likewise, when you listen closely to produced audio sound, you can hear the clear-cut quality of its current condition. This warble may not sound as equivalently alluring as a feeling or as freeing as a birdsong. Instead, it may sound like a cold quaver of a croon.

Like the plumbing in your house, audio cables are the most boring yet crucial components of the recording studio setup, but their reliability matters most of all. Because there is no scheduled timeline or flawless approach that can tell you when the time’s up on your current cables, you’re responsible to always have quality ones on hand. Ergo, how often should you replace your audio cables to invest in an upgrade? Listen up—let’s break this question down now.

When They Give up the Ghost

Woefully, while a lot of technology is going wireless, wireless music studios aren’t quite a thing yet. Good thing we’re in business! Audio cables are components that don’t typically fray from constant wear—if they’re of sound quality, that is. Machine-made options are prone to failure with incessant use, not to mention at the most inopportune of times.

In the majority of cases, a cable will perform relatively efficiently. However, when it’s dead, it’s dead. You don’t want to risk an untimely fiasco as a professional by utilizing subpar cabling. You can’t just use your conjuring skills and bend it at a certain angle like an iPhone charger to make the cable magically work. Replace a cable pronto when it’s given up the ghost, and get a good, handmade one at that.

When They Become Soundly Sporadic

Still curious about how often you should replace your audio cables? There’s no scheduled countdown to their detonation and demise. You might forget that these cables even exist when you’re busy on the grind and everything’s working as it should. That all changes when you hear unstable, intermittent audio.

Remember, quality has clout in cabling. The choice of cables plays a major role in the merit of an audio system—and that’s no marketing hype. Similar to investing in high-quality gear, cable performance carries weight over price tags. When incompetent cables are the source of inferior production, it’s time for an upgrade for dependability. There’s no mystery here—the case for buying higher-caliber cabling is open-and-shut.

Quality Cabling When It Counts

Sound quality and cable reliability are two main justifications for bringing in a top-notch pinch hitter to your recording studio. For all your audio cable needs, turn to the workflow experts here at Pro Audio LA. We handmake our DB25 cables in-house to best suit our client’s own specifications. Our cables have a premier performance quality that simply can’t be explained—only heard and appreciated. The cherry on top is our lifetime warranty that covers parts and workmanship alike. Cables that last a lifetime—now, how do you like that?

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