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Elysia Nvelope Rack Version Now Shipping

New nvelope Rack Now Shipping

San Francisco, CA – High-end studio processor manufacturer elysia is pleased to announce the release of a rack version of their immensely successful nvelope 500 impulse shaper. This stereo dynamics processor is capable of making subtle or drastic changes to a sound by altering its impulse structure, providing direct control over the envelope of a signal by shaping the intensity of its attack and sustain.

It is primarily intended to shape individual signals, but it can also be useful while mixing as it can subtly shift a sound towards the front of a mix using more attack and less sustain, or blend it gently into the background by reducing its attack and increasing its sustain. Another powerful and unique feature of the nvelope is the enhanced tweakability offered in Dual Band mode. Individual frequency controls for attack and sustain yield precise results while avoiding unwanted artifacts, even when utilized on complex material like a summing bus.

“Since releasing the 500 series nvelope in May 2012, we’ve had quite a few requests for a stand- alone version”, says elysia co-founder Dominik Klassen. “Consequently, we expect the rack version to be very well received.”

The nvelope offers true dual mono or linked stereo operation in Full Range, Dual Band or EQ mode. It is made in Germany exclusively using top quality components, gold plated PCBs, a rugged 4mm aluminum front panel and solid aluminum knobs.

The Elysia Nvelope rack is $1499 and available here

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Kush Audio Becomes Electra

Kush Audio Becomes Electra

San Francisco, CA – Kush Audio unveiled their new Electra, or ‘Electrified Transient
Equalizer’, a multi-topology 500 series EQ that marks their first venture into lunchbox
territory. The Electra is a 4-band, multi-topology EQ that was designed to precisely and
musically reshape the overlapping transients and harmonics of a sound are emphasized,
opening up completely new creative possibilities for how sounds interlock, move air, and
impact the emotions.

The heart of the Electra is two fully sweepable, overlapping Proportional-Q bands
whose bandwidth and gain have been tailored to allow for extreme pushes without
sounding stressed or unnatural. Rounding out the bottom is a fixed low shelf which
interacts with the continuously variable (25-400Hz) 12db/octave HPF to reshape, de-
clutter, and tighten up even the most unruly low end. Topping it off is a sparkling,
sweepable (3.4-20k) high shelf reminiscent of coveted vintage mastering equalizers. A
switchable “Fader Mode” converts the low shelf knob into a fader so multiple Electras
(Electrae?) can be used to create lunchbox-based mixers with fader and eq.

“This is the dream EQ I’ve wanted for years,” said Kush founder/head circuit tweaker
Gregory Scott. ”I had these two amazing Proportional-Q bands on my bench, and I
asked my friend and co-designer Brad McGowan for top and bottom shelves to wrap
around them. His filters killed, and the resulting 4 bands + HPF can twist sounds farther
than anything I’ve ever used, or delicately kiss the source with just a touch of analog fairy
dust. The effect is, quite literally, electric.”

The Electra will retail for $599 and is available for shipping immediately.

You can check out the product page and purchase here

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Pro Audio LA and Torus Power

Pro Audio LA now offering power products from Torus Power

From the Torus website:

Torus Power Conditioners enhance the performance and enjoyment of audio and video equipment by eliminating noise and interference from untreated AC power.

All Torus Power products feature proprietary technology utilizing Toroidal transformers, unlike many other products in the category that utilize passive filters.

No matter which Torus Power product you purchase, you will enjoy the performance improvements that has won accolades from leading publications such as Stereophile, Home and Theatre Sound, CE Pro, and others.

Check out power products at Pro Audio LA here.

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Welcome to the Pro Audio LA Blog!

Welcome to Pro Audio LA’s brand new blog.  Stay tuned for pro audio news, updates on current and upcoming projects, product info, reviews and more!

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